Why study English in the Philippines

HLA believes in the Cambridge training program, recognized by the most prestigious academic institutions and a top-rated education system. Cambridge English can provide a straightforward and logical pathway for future HLA students.
  • One-to-one classes: The opportunity for 4-5 one-to-one classes per day provides students with personalized attention and intensive language practice, leading to faster improvement in English proficiency.
  • English Only Environment: Immersion in an English-speaking environment for 8-10 hours daily, both with teachers and international friends, facilitates language learning through constant exposure and practice.
  • Friendly atmosphere: The warm hospitality and friendliness of Filipinos create a welcoming environment for international students, enhancing their overall experience while studying abroad.
  • Cost-effective: The relatively lower cost of living in the Philippines compared to other English-speaking countries makes it more affordable for students, allowing them to explore the country and enjoy their time there.
  • Convenient Time Zone: The similar time zone with Asian countries minimizes the adjustment period for students who come from Vietnam, Taiwan, Mongolia, Japan, China, Thailand etc., making it easier for them to adapt to their new environment and schedule.

The first step in knowing the level of your English skills is taking the Entrance Test. It measures how well you know the language and it will be your basis as you pursue your high English proficiency dream.

  • Diverse Food Options:  HLA caters to students’ food choices and cultural backgrounds as best as the school can ensuring that students have access to a variety of meals that suit their tastes and preferences. What HLA really try is guarantee to provide daily as a main dish beef for Mongolian, seafood for Vietnamese, vegetable for Taiwanese, spicy for Chinese. For sure the taste and the style of cooking are different but there is meaning of studying abroad and discover new country where we are living.
  • High-Quality Education: HLA follows the Cambridge curriculum, which is internationally recognized and approved by reputable institutions. Well-trained teachers ensure that students receive quality instruction tailored to their learning needs. HLA provided multiple courses like GENERAL COMMUNICATION, IELTS, TOEIC, BUSINESS, MEDICAL, POLICE, AVITATION AND JUNIOR CAMP.
  • Excellent Facilities: HLA provides a range of facilities to enhance students’ learning and recreational experiences, including dormitories, sports facilities such as basketball court, swimming pool, pocket billiards, outdoor gym, bicycle yard, jogging area, soccer field, archery and etc. We also have recreational room which has the indoor gym and where students can have free yoga class by a licensed instructor. HLA campus has cover an area of 12000 square meters surely give all students the pure air and 
  • Student-Friendly Policies: HLA’s international system offers students greater flexibility and freedom, with less strict rules compared to other ESL schools. For example, students are allowed to go out after 5:35pm and a curfew at 12 midnight every day. This support students to have a more enjoyable and enriching experience while studying at the academy. 

Overall, HLA offers a comprehensive and supportive environment for students to improve their English language skills, explore a new culture, enjoy a fulfilling academic experience abroad and what we always uphold here at HLA, “Enter to learn, Leave to Achieve”.

With 122 cities cropping over the entire archipelago, the Philippines is an ideal place to study English. You can enjoy qualified courses at affordable prices in the Philippines.
With 122 cities cropping over the entire archipelago, the Philippines is an ideal place to study English.
You can enjoy qualified courses at affordable prices in the Philippines.

So what are you waiting for? Do you need English to change your life for a better opportunity? 

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance! The rooms are limited, so register early to secure your spot and enjoy exclusive promos from the school and discounts from the agencies. Optional studies are available not only for comfort and convenience but also financial consideration. We offer courses from a week to a year of tailored English study program that suits every student needs. Furthermore, stay out of the campus is available if the student prefers to. However, students must make sure to cover their own expenses and not miss any classes at HLA. Further discussions will be tackled during orientation. 

We will be glad to have you here and looking forward to meeting you soon, dear students. 

Source: Happy Learning Academy

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