Summer Camp Schedule

When participating in Happy Learning Academy’s HLA English summer camp, classes will occur from Monday to Friday, including 1:1 classes with Filipino teachers, 4 group classes, and one sports class. In addition, the children will have extra classes in the evening, doing speeches and writing diaries in English.

The sample schedule below displays a week of play and activities for the children. Each kid will have a different schedule, but ensure that all students are able to fully participate in classes and schedules as communicated to parents.

Weekend activities are essential for students well-being because they foster the imagination, stimulate the senses, increase enjoyment and
productivity, and foster students relationships.

Instead of being bound to a predetermined classroom framework, they may utilize their inquisitive brains to investigate their environment.
Attending HLA Summer Camp 2024, students are offered extracurricular activities such as traveling, volunteering, shopping, or Filipino traditional games to assist them in getting experience in culture, tourism, and people.

Students with an interesting schedule may explore popular tourist destinations on weekend such as Danasan, Island Hoping, Oslob, J-Park Island, Solea Resort, and Cebu Safari, etc.

Monday – Friday
07:00 – 07:30Wake up
07:30 – 07:45Morning exercise and breakfast
07:45 – 08:05Daily test
1st08:10 – 09:00Speaking 1:1
2nd09:05 – 09:55Listening 1:1
3rd10:05 – 10:55Grammar group class
4th11:00 – 11:50Native group class
11:50 – 13:00Lunch Break
5th13:00 – 13:50Reading 1:1
6th13:55 – 14:45Writing 1:1
7th14:50 – 15:40Music group class
8th15:45 – 16:35Conversation group class
9th16:40 – 17:30Sport class (Basketball, Swimming, 
Table tennis, Golf, Zumba…)
17:55 – 19:00Dinner and break time
Night Class19:00 – 20:00Dairy and Speech
(only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 
Night Class20:00 – 21:00 Essay writingWE
22:00 Roll call | Sleeping time

Travel in famous places in Cebu:
• Jpark • Solea Resort
• Danasan • Island Hopping
• Oslob Tour • City Tour
• Shopping

• Call family
• Check books
• Health checking
• Sports competition (Basketball, Swimming,
Table tennis, Golf, Zumba…)
• Vietnamese and Filippino traditional games

Activities will be planned in accordance with the weather and the health of the students. The school will notify students and guardians about Saturday extracurricular activities in advance.

  • Timetables and extracurricular activities may be changed depending on the weather and students’ health status.
  • The school has organised shopping activities in the last week.
  • A hygiene check is done for students every weekend.


Outdoor activities will take place every Saturday at famous places in Cebu. This schedule will be notified to parents at the latest two days before departure. At the same time, this schedule may change depending on the local weather situation and the condition or wishes of the student.

Welcome to the HLA Summer Camp 2024 where every child’s smile and achievement are HLA greatest reward.

Source: Happy Learning Academy – HLA

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