Family Course

Family Course is designed for parents and children aged 5 to 16 come to study in a non peak season. The course is a fantastic opportunity for parents and their children to bond, learn a new skill, make new friends from all over the world and visit a country that they have possibly never been to before.


– A minimum of 1 week English study program for both the parents and their children to learn together and be able to grasp the complexity of the English language.

– Children who have breaks between semesters, especially those who attend international schools to improve their English skills and to experience an independent life.

– Children accompanied by their parents, want to feel secure and comfortable to study and have fun where they can improve their English and keep a lot of memories with their children.

– Parents get in touch and choose suitable courses for their children not only in summer but all throughout the year as well.
Spend more time traveling to Cebu after classes.


  • This program is designed specifically with one-to-one classes for the entire timetable, children can freely engage in sports activities and self-study classes where they will either have a music class or an essay writing class.
  • In addition, children are allowed to use electronic devices to contact home for their families regularly, the regulations will not be too strict.
  • There will be no outdoor activities like in the Camps program.
  • Students can enroll weekly if there are still rooms available.

  • To satisfy student’s curiosity in English as a second language.
  • To draw out maximum potential of the students in four macro-skills and usage of English in order to confidently use the language in both oral and written communication. 
  • To enhance students proficiency in English where they can express their own views and opinions with conviction.

Parent – Junior schedule: 3 one to one classes, 3 group classes and 1 option class (Essay Writing/ Music Class)

Course Highlights:

A. Integrated Approach

  • Learning all the major skills with different teachers who are highly trained and with in-depth knowledge of the curriculum

B. Learner-centered

  • Classes are focused on developing students’ macro and micro skills plus the usage of English in a classroom setting
  • Teachers closely monitor students’ progress through feedback

C. Outcome Based Education

  • Focuses on students’ evaluation to monitor progress and feedback
  • Daily and weekly feedback from the teachers is done to inform students’ achievement and things that need improvements
  • Special recognition and awarding of certificates at the end of the course
Course Requirement:

– Starting Date: every Monday ( not Camp season )

– Classes are available for different levels from low beginner to proficient user.


8B2+Upper Intermediate
1A1High Beginner
0.5PA+Middle Beginner
0PALow Beginner
Classes are available for different levels from low beginner to proficient user.


07:45-08:05Daily Vocabulary Test
08:10-09:001st class
09:05-09:552nd class
10:05-10:553rd class
11:00-11:50Free Period
13:00-13:50Free Period
13:55-14:454th class
14:50-15:405th class
15:45-16:356th class
16:40-17:30Free Period
Note: Free period may be varied for different students depending on your given schedule.

Course Design:

Parent | Junior program:

Source: Happy Learning Academy – HLA

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