Light General English

Light General English course aims to enable students to develop fluency, accuracy, and confidence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English in everyday situations. This course is designed for students to have equal opportunities for both leisure and study without pressure. 


– A 4-week light course that opens opportunities for enrollees to improve practical English communication

– Non-English speakers who enjoy learning English while having ample time to explore the Philippines for leisure.

– Learners from Asian countries who want to acquire and improve their English language skills

– Students from different countries who seek to study English to a certain degree without the pressure of studying full-time


  • It is designed so that students will have English for general communication in their job or social life, or so that students can improve their English language skills before moving on to academic English or vocational courses.
  • Students can register for more classes depending on their abilities or needs. However, Happy Learning Academy encourages students outside of classroom hours to take time to travel to explore the Philippines, enjoy local specialties, and meet friends. 
  • Happy Learning Academy can help students book a tour to visit the beautiful islands in the Philippines – helping them relax and have more new experiences. Even if you don’t study English, you still speak English 24/7 with friends around the world who are studying at Happy Learning Academy.

  • To immerse in an English-speaking environment that promotes social and practical communication skills.
  • To improve English language skills while fully enjoying the benefit of being in a fun and engaging community.
  • To be confident in using the English language as part of communication.

Class structure per day: 3 one to one classes, 3 group classes and 1 self-study class (Essay Writing/ Music Class)

Course Highlights:

A. Integrated Approach

  • Learning all the major skills with different teachers who are highly trained and with in-depth knowledge of the curriculum

B. Learner-centered

  • Classes are focused on developing students’ macro and micro skills plus the usage of English in a classroom setting
  • Teachers closely monitor students’ progress through feedback

C. Outcome Based Education

  • Focuses on students’ evaluation to monitor progress and feedback
  • Daily and weekly feedback from the teachers is done to inform students’ achievement and things that need improvements
  • Special recognition and awarding of certificates at the end of the course
Course Requirement:

– Starting Date: every Monday
Regular class schedule Monday – Friday


8B2+Upper Intermediate
1A1High Beginner
0.5PA+Middle Beginner
0PALow Beginner
Classes are available for different levels from low beginner to proficient user.


07:45-08:05Daily Vocabulary Test
08:10-09:001st class
09:05-09:552nd class
10:05-10:553rd class
11:00-11:50Free Period
13:00-13:50Free Period
13:55-14:454th class
14:50-15:405th class
15:45-16:356th class
16:40-17:307th class
Note: Free period may be varied for different students depending on your given schedule.

Effective communication helps to keep the team working on the right projects with the right attitude.” – Alex Langer

Course Design:

Source: Happy Learning Academy – HLA

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