Change Room Regulations

When you register for an English course at Happy Learning Academy – HLA, the school will randomly arrange a room for you according to the requirements of the room type, gender, and time of study, however in the process of living. If you have a problem with a roommate that cannot be reconciled, you have the right to change rooms to ensure that your spirit and health are not affected. Because students from different places converge on Happy Learning Academy – HLA to learn English, almost after a few weeks, everyone becomes close as brothers and sisters in the family and always shares learning tips. , a place of fun and promise for the next meeting in a far away place.

Please give honest feedbacks if your roommate has actions that are not suitable for the collective living environment, because if you can move to another room, you will have the same situation if you keep the reasons for changing rooms to your heart. We are not only different in language but also in culture, lifestyle and age. If your roommate violates the rules of living in the school area, please notify to your manager or Happy Learning Academy – HLA staff, because not telling the truth may result in a joint fine when the school discovered.

For example: Smoking in the wrong place will be fined up to 2000PHP, letting a friend of the opposite sex in the room be fined up to 3000PHP, bringing alcohol on school grounds will be fined up to 5000PHP and warning of expulsion..

Although it is very rare that there is a request to change rooms, there are a few cases that the school will resolve as soon as students reflect such as:

  • Your roommate has an infectious disease.
  • Equipment and supplies in the room are damaged for a long time and cannot be repaired. All students are international students from far away, so I will represent the image of a country every step of the way, so Happy Learning Academy – HLA hopes that young Vietnamese students will have a good time studying. Fun practice in the Philippines. In the international environment, we keep the environment clean, don’t be too noisy or violent, and let’s learn the best things we can!


  • Do not touch or use any other person’s belongings without consulting.
  • Do not sit on another student’s bed.
  • Wear headphones when talking on the phone or listening to music, blow-dry your hair before roommate’s bedtime.
  • Absolutely do not steal / cheat because you will get in trouble when you are a foreigner here.
  • A student may not be asked to change rooms more than twice.

Source: Happy Learning Academy – HLA


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