TOEIC Course

TOEIC – Test of English for International Communication

HLA TOEIC Course is designed to make students become familiar with the TOEIC format and achieve their desired score through training, classes, and an array of sample tests. Students are taught common vocabulary and sentence patterns used in the official TOEIC examinations. Additionally, students are also equipped with test-taking strategies for each language skill, especially on time management while taking the test.


– Students who want to enter universities or work internationally that require a specific TOEIC score

– Job seekers who are targeting positions in high-ranking companies, as well as workers who aim for a job promotion

– Students who intend to master their English language abilities in a professional environment


TOEIC course is designed specifically to measure the ability to communicate using English in daily life. Here at HLA, TOEIC classes are specifically tailored to suit students’ needs where we assess student’s TOEIC test results that have been correlated to the CEFR so that we can provide comprehensive and comparable data needed to be able to accurately and objectively evaluate student’s progress.

Experienced teachers in TOEIC test preparation are an advantage for students when studying at Happy Learning Academy, teachers always support students in learning and in giving assessments through feedback based on their TOEIC mock tests and class lesson progression.


  • To master eloquence and foster confidence in English both oral and written communication.
  • To develop test-taking strategies that aid in achieving the student’s target score.
  • To give students a chance to systematically practice the skills to be successful in the TOEIC test and improve the overall knowledge not only of four macro skills but also the usage of English.

Class structure per day: 4 one to one classes, 4 group classes and 1 self-study class (Essay Writing/ Music Class)

Course Highlights:

A. Skill-Based Focus (Competency-Based)

  • Classes will be focused on developing the basic skills necessary for TOEIC examinations (Listening and Reading) 
  • Criteria are used to determine a student’s level based on the competencies set by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) 

B. Learner-Centered

  • Classes are focused on developing students’ macro and micro skills, plus the usage of English in a classroom setting.
  • Teachers closely monitor students’ progress through feedback.

C. Outcome Based Education

  • Focuses on students’ evaluation to monitor progress and feedback.
  • Daily and weekly feedback from the teachers is done to inform students’ achievement and things that need improvements.
  • Mock Test results are closely monitored to help students get better scores.
  • Special recognition and awarding of certificates at the end of the course.
Course Requirement:

Classes will be available for all students with a scaled score of 400 on the Entrance Test. 

  • Failure to reach 400  will not be able to study the TOEIC course but can be enrolled in the TOEIC preparatory course which has 05 one-to-one TOEIC classes and 03 General English group classes.
  • When students get 400 scaled scores for two consecutive Mock Tests, they will automatically join TOEIC group classes


8B2+Upper Intermediate785-935
Advised to study
General English Course
1A1High BeginnerAdvised to study
General English Course
0.5PA+Middle BeginnerAdvised to study
General English Course
0PALow BeginnerAdvised to study
General English Course


07:45-08:05Daily Vocabulary Test
08:10-09:001st class
09:05-09:552nd class
10:05-10:553rd class
11:00-11:504th class
13:00-13:505th class
13:55-14:456th class
14:50-15:407th class
15:45-16:358th class
16:40-17:309th class
Regular class schedule Monday – Friday

The TOEIC tests have become a standard for decision-makers worldwide, who use the TOEIC tests to determine who can communicate effectively on an independent and proficient level in English.

Course Design:

*NOTE: 1:1 classes are flexible, so students may choose to study another skill like speaking and/or writing.

Source: Happy Learning Academy – HLA

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