Winter Camp Schedule

When participating in Happy Learning Academy’s HLA English Winter camp, classes will occur from Monday to Friday, including 4 one-to-one classes, 3 group classes, 1 sports class and 1 music class.

Students will have 9 classes: 4 one-to-one classes, 3 group classes, 1 sports class and 1 music class. With an environment where English is spoken for over 6 hours a day, it helps students improve their English language usage at a faster rate, create reflexes and think in English.

Children’s evening schedule does not have a fix activity. They will be given different tasks such as writing diaries/essays and practice English presentations on weekday evenings. The rest of the days will favor physical activities such as sports competitions and/or playing folk games.

The sample schedule below displays a week of play and activities for the children. Each kid will have a different schedule, but ensure that all students are able to fully participate in classes and schedules as communicated to parents.

Monday – Friday
07:00 – 07:20Wake up
07:20 – 07:40Breakfast
07:45 – 08:05Vocabulary Daily test
1st08:10 – 09:00Speaking
2nd09:05-09:55Grammar (Odd)
3rd10:05 – 10:55Sport Class (Basketball, Swimming, 
Table tennis, Golf, Zumba…)
4th11:00 – 11:50Listening
11:50 – 13:00Lunch Time
5th13:00 – 13:50Reading
6th13:55 – 14:45Pronunciation
7th14:55 – 15:45Empower D
8th15:55 – 16:40Writing
9th16:45 – 17:35Music class
17:50 – 19:00Dinner and break time
Night class19:00 – 20:00Speech Training
Night class20:00 – 21:00Essay Writing
22:00 Roll call | Sleeping time

The Saturday activities will be announced in advance.  Depending on the weather and students’ health, appropriate activities will be aranged. 


Outdoor activities will take place every Saturday at famous places in Cebu. This schedule will be notified to parents at the latest two days before departure. At the same time, this schedule may change depending on the local weather situation and the condition or wishes of the student.

Source: Happy Learning Academy – HLA

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