IELTS Course

IELTS – International English Language Testing System – is a certificate necessary for people planning to study abroad at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in an English-only program or to settle abroad.

IELTS preparation course at HLA with equal understanding of all four IELTS exam skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Furthermore, the course provides students with grammar exercises and vocabulary expansion, which are co-applied in daily conversation so that students may use English confidently and fluently in life, study, and work. 


– A 12-week comprehensive study program to achieve students’ target band score

– Non-native English speakers who want to polish their IELTS test

– Learners from different parts of Asia who wish to study or work abroad

  • This course offers intensive learning sessions in every class addressing the specific learning need of each test skill. 
  • Students get coached and trained to take the test by every teacher on a skill-based approach.
  • Feedback analyses are given by teachers based on practice tests and mock test results to closely monitor progress or skills that need to be reinforced to get the target band score by the end of the program.
  • Teachers carefully outlined and highlighted students’ need improvement areas where teachers could scaffold classes to advance students’ learning in IELTS.
  • Happy Learning Academy’s IELTS teaching and learning materials are selected from Cambridge, IDP, and British Council curricula according to international standards, with a clear and scientific roadmap recognized by leading prestigious educational institutions in the world.

  • To ensure students have visible improvement in IELTS.
  • To enhance test-taking abilities, especially on time management.
  • To learn the fundamental strategies for all macro skills to achieve the target band score in IELTS.

Class structure per day: 5 one to one classes, 3 group classes and 1 self-study class (Essay Writing/ Music Class)

  1. General Training: is suitable for all who plan to work or settle abroad.
  2. Academic Training: is for those who want to study abroad at the undergraduate, master, or doctoral level or according to the organization’s specific requirements.
Course Highlights:

A. Skill-Based Focus (Competency-Based)

  • Classes will be focused on developing the major skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking). 
  • Criteria are used to determine a student’s level based on the competencies set by Cambridge, British Council, and IDP to assess learners.

B. Integrated Approach

  • General Skills subject will generally test how well the student does in all major skills.

C. Learner-Centered

  • Classes are focused on developing students’ macro and micro skills, plus the usage of English in a classroom setting
  • Teachers closely monitor students’ progress through feedback

D. Outcome Based Education

  • Focuses on students’ evaluation to monitor progress and feedback
  • Daily and weekly feedback from the teachers is done to inform students’ achievement and things that need improvements
  • Special recognition and awarding of certificates at the end of the course.
Course Requirement:

  • Starting Date: first Monday of every 04 weeks
  • Available Period: at least 04 weeks
  • Classes will be available for all students with a band score of 4.0 on the Entrance Test. 
  • Failure to reach a band score of 4.0 will not be able to study the REGULAR IELTS Course. 
  • If the student really wanted to pursue studying IELTS but failed to reach an average band score of 4, a Pre-IELTS course is available if the student gets at least an average band score of 3.5 where group classes are joined with the General English Course students. 

Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)





















NOTE: PRE-IELTS Students may choose to proceed to the IELTS course given that they have reached an average band score of 4 for two consecutive mock tests.


07:45-08:05Daily Vocabulary Test
08:10-09:001st class
09:05-09:552nd class
10:05-10:553rd class
11:00-11:504th class
13:00-13:505th class
13:55-14:456th class
14:50-15:407th class
15:45-16:358th class
16:40-17:309th class
Regular class schedule Monday – Friday
Course Design:

Source: Happy Learning Academy – HLA

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