Besides, weekend activities have a significant effect on reducing stress among students after long school days. With fun activities, the child’s body will be active, and the child’s mind will forget the stress of studying. At that time, their mind will be more comfortable, and their thinking will be more positive and meaningful.

Join HLA to take a look at the benefits that HLA weekend activities bring to students when participating in the English Camp course:

Participating in weekend activities is an opportunity for students to participate in outdoor activities, helping their bodies move continuously and absorb vitamin D to make bones strong, the body toned, and the immune system better.

Weekend activities are beneficial for students in increasing their learning ability and observation skills. Simple tours with themes like Safari Zoo or Oslob with whale diving are valuable and meaningful for all students. These trips help young people interact with the outside environment and learn more about plants and animals. From here, it will stimulate students’ creativity, passion, and love of nature and also provide an opportunity for them to communicate and increase their ability to reflect with international students from other countries. 

Participating in weekend activities will help students develop independence and proactively plan each task. At the same time, it also helps them have confidence that they can do things they previously thought they could not do. In addition, travel tours help you gain more knowledge and culture about the place you visit.

Today, with the rapid development of the information technology industry, young people are becoming increasingly closed when depending on phones, laptops, iPads,… every day. Many students can lock themselves in their rooms for hours to “play” with their smartphones or iPads. Field trips, camping, sleeping in tents, and activities such as swimming and rowing will help children become more flexible, agile, and sociable in communicating with friends.

HLA’s collective activities allow students to change their thinking, helping them care more about people and know how to care for and support each other more when their parents are not next door. Join the HLA English Camp course to improve young people’s language continuously. However, it is also an opportunity to enhance children’s health and intelligence and to have more experiences about culture, people, and culture in the Philippines.

Source: Happy Learning Academy – HLA Cebu

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