Winter Camp

The winter camp program at HLA English School is usually held every winter, from December to January, with students from many countries, such as Mongolia, China, Taiwan, and Russia.

Happy Learning Academy (HLA) invested and developed its education program so much that it is adjusted to suit learners needs in line with Cambridge Framework of Curriculum. We officially welcomed international students from March 2023, providing high quality education and services, and hope to maintain and improve for the betterment of our students.

Happy Learning Academy was established with the goal of teaching English to students from different countries in Cebu, Philippines to study, exchange cultures and explore this beautiful island. A friendly, fun and comfortable environment has always been something that HLA aims for and maintains. In winter camp 2023, HLA offers a short term English learning program that includes fun and travel for children. Children will learn how to live in a collective environment, as well as how to adjust to varied cultures, lifestyles and personalities. Through that, children can become more autonomous while simultaneously enjoying time with their families. Join HLA winter camp for a unique experience in Cebu, Philippines.

Source: Happy Leanring Academy – HLA

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