VietNamese student’s perceptions about HLA – Happy Learning Academy


A former student of the General English course. It’s most appropriate to write a thank you letter at this time because I have time long enough to look back and short enough to clearly remember the beautiful memories I had with the school and the Philippines during my time last time.
1 to 1 class with teacher Chelziemar Ann
Phan and her teachers at Happy Learning Academy

More than a school, Happy Learning Academy gives me valuable lessons, quality teachers, new friends, profound sharing and enthusiastic support from the staff at the school.

At HLA, meeting a family who goes to school together is not difficult. “Learning” has never been so beautiful in my eyes. I see the connection.
Continuing generations of family connections, those children will be eager to enter life with a luggage full of love, knowledge, and skills in this place. I have many friends from different countries, and we can experience culture and cuisine together in this beautiful city – Cebu.

Coming to HLA, I have studied with many teachers. They are not only good at their profession but also enthusiastic about teaching. Teachers give me advice, lessons and encouragement. I shared many stories, places, and interesting knowledge about the Philippines. I appreciate the things I get from the teachers here.

Graduation’s day at Happy Learning Academy.

I collected every little thing in the windy yard, in the serious study room, in the difficult test, and in the encouraging eyes and kept it as my unforgettable memory for the past month.

And finally, a wish to all, to the respected teachers, the beloved HLA brothers and sisters, and the old and new students in the future. I wish that every year of youth that passes and when we look back, we will have no regrets and always be happy, like the school’s name – Happy Learning Academy.


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