Hana’s Feedback about HLA

For a job in the IT industry like mine, the main daily work is running code and testing programs. It was a very boring job, but I never thought that one day I would leave the job of making money to do what I loved when I was over 35 years old. Then, that thought appeared when I wanted to “upgrade” myself, with the first thing being to change my English ability. It is a long-time wish, but still no chance to fulfill it.

HLA is the right choice among dozens of other school options to help me improve my English. I chose HLA not only because the school has good facilities, quality teachers, and good comments from previous students but also because it is the first Vietnamese-owned school in the Philippines, and I am very proud of it.

Learning English and having the opportunity to experience this place’s culture, people, and tourism with students from other countries, such as China, Taiwan, Mongolia, etc., make me feel real and satisfied. It was right for me to make this decision. The enthusiasm in teaching and the teachers and staff of HLA make me think that HLA is truly a common home for me and the students who come here to study. 

After 12 weeks of studying, my English level has changed impressively; I can say everything from someone who only knows “Hello,” “Hi,” or simple sentences or a smile. So now I can speak confidently and with natural reflexes in daily communication with other students from other countries or Filipinos when having the opportunity to go out after studying.

I am currently in Vietnam, but my mind is still on HLA. I hadn’t thought it was only 12 weeks, but it felt so close. 

HLA – Happy Learning Academy is forever my right choice.

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