Game day – Amazing race

“Without grammar, very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed.”
– David A. Wilkins (1972)

How can we easily memorize vocabulary and how can we promote effective ways to learn English in a relaxed manner. The findings suggest that the use of games in foreign language learning may benefit the process in many aspects such as memory of vocabulary. The results proved that the occurrence of memorize is improved with games, and therefore may be a more efficient way to encourage language acquisition. Therefore, HLA is giving students English game every week to aim their English skills in funny way and make friends through it.

Last week, HLA conducted a Game – Amazing Race together teacher, students and staff. The basic concept of Amazing Race is like a Scavenger Hunt. The group students will be split into teams of 4 and be tasked with making their way to the final destination via route of cryptic clues and checkpoint challenges.

Teams will need to out-smart and out-race their fellow competitors across a predetermined route that will see them stopping at numerous checkpoints with the ultimate goal of getting to the finish line in the quickest net time. Whilst the race is a timed event, it’s not as simple as crossing the finish line first.

Students who participated in the game expressed their enthusiasm for the interactive nature of the activity, which made learning fun and engaging. Many students reported feeling more confident in their English language abilities after the game, as they were able to practice their speaking and listening skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment. The feedback received from the students reinforces the idea that incorporating games and other interactive activities in language learning can be an effective way to enhance students’ language proficiency and motivation.

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