A sharing letter from Keily – Vu Ngoc Duyen about HLA English school

Hello teachers and friends. I’m Ngoc Duyen, an international student from Vietnam – In Vietnam, we often have the saying, “Because fate comes,” I want to use the above sentence in this sharing article with those who have, are, and will study Happy Learning Academy again, like me.

As you know, English is now considered a mandatory language after the mother language. English is extremely important in work and life. Understanding the importance of English, I decided to find a country other than Vietnam to study. And HLA is my destination, also my “Destiny.”

Today is also a month since I came to HLA. Even though I had researched before, when I came here, I was still surprised, and I felt satisfied from the first days I arrived here.

It is a super airy, spacious space with full facilities. Besides, there is a canteen, swimming pool, and gym with many different activities students can join together. We can feel and be satisfied with these tangible things with our actual eyes. More specifically, invisible wonderful things can only be felt with the heart of teachers, administrators, and classmates from different countries worldwide, but “there is no distance of ethnicity or language”.

Not just going to class after class, I have never felt like going to class like when I am at HLA. Do you know what it’s like to be excited and waiting for each class to come? I’m like that, excited like a child. Because the teachers have so much enthusiasm, not only in their expertise, skills, and profession, but I can feel the excitement in their hearts.

I don’t feel stressed or embarrassed about the knowledge in books or tests when I don’t understand or know. I think about sharing and connection every time I go to class.

In addition, sharing school knowledge, languages, and cultures of countries in general and Philip in particular is truly wonderful. Besides studying, I also made friends with many students from different countries, such as Taiwan, Mongolia, China, and Indonesia. I feel very happy about that. Moreover, I had many interesting cultural experiences and travelling in the Philippines with my classmates in Boracay and Bantayan islands. It’s very beautiful here; the food and people are very friendly. I’ve immersed myself in the people and life in Cebu, Philippines.

I feel very satisfied with this place, and I love HLA. Moreover, I feel like that I have a “fate” with this place. To tell my teachers and friends, my brother also studied in the Philippines and loves this place very much. He was also the person who guided me to explore here throughout my time in Vietnam.

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