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I. HLA has been established right after the COVID-19, when it is a safe time for students to experience studying English in a foreign country. HLA affirms that the school has all the facilities, teachers, and curriculum standards that exceed the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Department of Immigration, the Department of Education of Cebu and the Philippines. HLA is licensed for full and qualified SSP and TESDA certificates to ensure that it is allowed to welcome international students from many countries around the world.

II. HLA’s school managing board and staff are all diligent people with more than 10 years experience in this field. Understanding the diversity and cultural variations that exist across Asian nations such as Korea, Vietnam, China, and Mongolia. We are trying our best to create an ideal learning environment for our international students without any cultural conflicts.

III. HLA is filled with youth, passion, and eager effort. Following the path from various English academies in the Philippines, HLA always aims to improve and develop its training program to become better day-by-day.

IV. HLA’s teachers are carefully chosen based on the admission exams,  the results of the international English proficiency tests and their university major. HLA in particular not only considers the teachers’ English skills, but also values their teaching experiences and methodologies.

V. Understanding the culinary differences between each country, HLA provides a daily buffet so that students can have a variety of choices as well as enjoy the taste of their classmates’ traditional dishes. In addition, HLA also has an outdoor self-cooking area. On the weekends, students can freely cook hot pot or barbecue,… in their own styles.

VI. The total area of HLA is up to 11,800m2 surrounding the mountains and the beach but only used for less than 200 students so the space is completely airy, not too humid like the weather in the Philippines as people think. Our infrastructure includes basketball court, swimming pool, cycling belt, jogging track, mini-golf, convenience store, teahouse, sports area and prayer room. In the future, we will continue to add more, so that our students will have the most comfortable time studying with us.

VII. Our tuition fee includes accommodation and meals which is so much lower compared to other schools. Besides, Filipinos are very hospitable and friendly so students will not take too much time to adapt. At this moment, people from every country can come to the Philippines to study with visa-free program (except for China). As a result, it is really easy for international students to join us.

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HLA Camp program is designed for children ages 6-17. With a flexible schedule, parents can choose the appropriate study time for their children in summer

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Happy Learning Academy Address: Cotcot, Liloan, Cebu City, Philippines Email: info@hla.asia Phone: +63 9603694456 Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/hla.asia

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Phí đăng ký: 100 USD A. Học phí: Khoá học Lớp học hàng ngày Tuition (USD/4 weeks) Light General English 3 lớp 1:1 + 3

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Cebu – một trong những tỉnh phát triển nhất tại Philippines, vùng đô thị Cebu là vùng đô thị lớn thứ nhì toàn quốc và

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