At HLA, students have the choice of two convenient forms of washing their personal clothes: washing themselves at the available washing machines or using the school’s laundry service.

1. Do your own laundry:

For meticulous and careful students, Happy Learning Academy — HLA has prepared a washing machine for you to decide for yourself the type of washing liquid, the smell of the conditioner or the washing time of your choice. In case you forget or you have a class that can’t be dried right away, the staff on duty will help you do this. You don’t have to wait in line for the staff to check the dirty items and pick up the clean ones.

2. Laundry service at HLA:

According to the specific laundry schedule of each room, students only need to bring a basket of dirty clothes to the laundry area, write an information slip and hand it to the staff to check before receiving to note if there is color damage, check the receipt, the return date. Normally, students will receive their clean clothes back 2 days later.

HLA recommends students to note: items that are easily damaged by washing, easy to fade or have high value, students should wash by hand or self-wash to ensure their personal belongings.

3. Blankets and pillows:

Happy Learning Academy – HLA has a fixed bed linen change schedule every two weeks, in case students get dirty and want to change it earlier than scheduled, they need to pay an additional fee of 200 pesos each time, if this property of HLA is not cleaned due to If the student’s fault, the student needs to compensate for that property (for example, girl’s month, pour ink, food… on bed sheets)

All laundry areas at Happy Learning Academy have surveillance cameras and support staff at specified times!

Source: Happy Learning Academy — HLA

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