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Summer Camp 2024


Happy Learning Academy offers 08 reasons why students should take HLA SUMMER CAMP 2024.

Expert Language

Happy Learning Academy boasts highly qualified and experienced English teachers specializing in teaching English as a second language. Having expertise and being trained by British professors according to the Cambridge curriculum, HLA teachers are skilled in creating interactive lessons that cater to different learning styles and levels, ensuring students receive top-notch language instruction.

Engaging and Innovative Curriculum

HLA Summer Camp 2024 incorporates a dynamic and innovative curriculum that combines language learning with exciting activities. Students participate in interactive classes, games, role-plays, and cultural immersion experiences, making learning enjoyable and effective. Moreover, students participate in sport and music classes that help students to maintain their body and mind.


HLA maintains small classes, especially 1:1 classes, to ensure personalized attention and maximum participation. With fewer students in each category, teachers can focus on individual needs and provide tailored support, allowing students to progress at their own pace. Besides, HLA also provides group classes, music classes and sport classes to increase interaction among students, and also help students become more confident in actual conversations.

Nutrient Meal

HLA Academy provides fresh food to provide vitamins, nutrients, fibers, and minerals necessary for students’ health. Every day, students eat three meals from a menu that includes Vietnamese, Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, Arabian, and Filipino dishes. They are periodically updated, and contain fruits and milk. Furthermore, the school provides side meals such as pizza, spaghetti, candies, milk tea, etc to give students appropriate energy and nourishment after a long day of studying and activities.

Immersive Cultural Experiences

HLA Summer Camp 2024 includes cultural excursions and activities that expose students to the vibrant Filipino culture. They get to explore tourist destinations, historical sites, people and experience traditional festivals, enabling them to immerse themselves in the local way of life and deepen their understanding of the country. HLA is also a chance for students to exchange cultures with other students from other countries.

State of the Art Facilities

Happy Learning Academy offers modern and well-equipped facilities to enhance the learning experience, from multimedia classrooms to recreational facilities such as swimming pools, a standard basketball court, a leisure room with table tennis, billiards, darts, chess, and bike riding, etc.
Students not only help with language practice and English skill development, but they also help to keep their constitution in good shape.

Safe and International Environment

HLA places a premium on its students’ safety and well being. HLA Summer Camp 2024 provides a safe and loving environment where students can confidently learn and explore. HLA trained staffs are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist and support students.
HLA Summer Camp 2024 has diverse nationalities, with students from Mongolia, Taiwan, Japan, China, Oman, Arab, etc. It creates an ideal environment where students can utilize language to enhance their reflexes in daily English communication abilities.

Affordable Price

In comparison to other schools in the Philippines, HLA prides itself on offering affordable tuition fees with a full curriculum and fun activities for students in HLA Summer Camp 2024. Parents can ensure their children access high-quality education and a memorable summer camp experience without breaking the bank.


Students attending HLA Summer Camp 2024 will have 09 lessons, including 04 — 1:1 classes, 03 group classes, 01 sport class, 01 music class, and 01 hour for Speech Training & 01 hour for Essay Writing a day under the supervision of teachers. Students consistently increase their capacity to use English by developing their reflexes and thinking in English with 08 hours of study every day in an English setting. They help students gain confidence in English and produce excitement throughout the learning process. Aside from studying, HLA recognizes the importance of physical activities in students’ development.

HLA provides students with various physical activities through sport classes such as Zumba, swimming, badminton, basketball, table tennis, and volleyball. Types are also rotated regularly and depend on the weather. There are different activities in their free time.
Students can choose what they like to play together. Every weekday evening, students will be assigned tasks such as Speech Training and Essay Writing. The remaining days will be dedicated to weekend activities such as travelling, sporting events or group activities.


Weekend activities are essential for students well-being because they foster the imagination, stimulate the senses, increase enjoyment and
productivity, and foster students relationships.

Instead of being bound to a predetermined classroom framework, they may utilize their inquisitive brains to investigate their environment.
Attending HLA Summer Camp 2024, students are offered extracurricular activities such as traveling, volunteering, shopping, or Filipino traditional games to assist them in getting experience in culture, tourism, and people.

Students with an interesting schedule may explore popular tourist destinations on weekend such as Danasan, Island Hoping, Oslob, J-Park Island, Solea Resort, and Cebu Safari, etc.


Happy Learning Academy is dedicated to offering the finest services to students in order to provide ideal living circumstances for them during their time at school.

Summer Camp students will have their dormitories on campus, with four students in each room, which is very handy for administration. During the course, each nation will have a manager and other support workers caring for, supporting, and monitoring the students’ learning and activities. HLA always has a crew ready to assist and safeguard students 24/24.

Students enrolled in the HLA Summer Camp 2024 course get their hygiene check every Sunday. HLA has medical personnel on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to safeguard and handle the health of students concerns as soon as possible during the course, such as fever, diarrhea, headache, stomachache, etc.

HLA offers free cleaning and laundry services three times a week, as well as bedding changes every other week. Depending on the floor area, students will have varying cleaning and washing schedules. Staffs will go to students’ rooms to collect the cloth baskets and return them after two days for laundry service. Students must keep important personal goods, objects, and apparel safe.


  • Scheduled room cleaning, change of bed sheets, and laundry service
  • H-Care staff on duty to support students at the dormitory 24/7
  • Nurse on duty is ready to offer medical assistance and conduct scheduled hygiene checks
  • Filipino staff in the school to guide and help children whenever they need assistance
  • Pick up and drop off students according to the school’s schedule with trusted staff in charge
  • Three main meals are served to students every day plus the scheduled evening snacks
  • Students can enjoy all the leisure facilities in the school together with their international friends after a day of class
  • Accompanied and guided major activities outside the campus every Saturday to discover the city and make more memories
  • Study with experienced teachers to help the students improve their English communication skills
  • Students can enjoy the variety of snacks and beverages that our H-Mart can offer


HLA Summer Camp 2024 is meant to be flexible, with 04 — 06 — 08 weeks available for parents to select based on their child’s schedule.




After the family agrees the child to participate in HLA Summer Camp 2024:

  1. Send student’s passport photo and course duration to the HLA Admissions Representative.
  2. Receive an offer of admission and tuition notice from HLA
  3. HLA’s admissions representative guides and supports parents to perform guardianship authorization at the Philippine Consulate or Local People’s Committee (For children under 15 years old who are not accompanied by parents)

The departure schedule is subject to change, but it will be communicated to parents in advance.

Studying English in the Philippines offers a unique and immersive experience in an English-speaking environment. With highly qualified teachers, a wide range of language programs, and a vibrant cultural setting, it is an ideal destination for language learners. Beyond the classroom, students can explore the rich history, diverse culture, and natural beauty of the Philippines.

Whether for academic, professional, or personal growth, HLA Summer Camp 2024 in Cebu promises a transformative and enjoyable journey to children.

Source: Happy Learning Academy — HLA

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