Happy Learning Academy was established with the goal of teaching English to students from different countries in Cebu, Philippines to study, exchange cultures and explore this beautiful island. A friendly, fun and comfortable environment has always been something that HLA aims for and maintains.
In winter camp 2023, HLA offers a short-term English learning program that includes fun and travel for children. Children will learn how to live in a collective environment, as well as how to adjust to varied cultures, lifestyles and personalities. Through that, children can become more autonomous while simultaneously enjoying time with their families.

Join HLA Winter camp for a unique experience in Cebu, Philippines.


The curriculum is adjusted to suit student needs. One-to-one class boosts language practice between the teacher and the student to help maximize the student’s learning time. Group class hones the English fluency of the student by using the language in a practical setting. Each
skill plus an integrated skill class is taught by different Filipino teachers who actively asses learner’s strengths and shortcomings during their study period.

HLA offers a better deal for the same learning program you receive and with the longest study period from others. The cost of winter camp in the Philippines is only 2/3 of the cost of a winter camp in Singapore and ½ of the cost of that in Australia. We provide simple and convenient procedure without a need to apply for a visa.
Only in the Philippines, HLA included, learners have the largest number of one-to-one classes with affordable tuition fee for an exemplary education given to students.

HLA is located after countryside (14km away Cebu city) with fresh air and a wide space for extracurricular activities. Students from different countries like Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Japan,
Oman, Thailand etc arrive here have the same goal to improve English skills in a short time. Meanwhile, all students have a chance to explore a new culture and make new international friends.

Even with the absence of gadgets on regular basis, children can have a more meaningful and enjoyable winter camp study. HLA winter camp promotes a learning and play environment free from gadgets to give way for a more productive usage of language through face-to-face interaction.

During winter camp, children can play and learn under the support, care and protection 24/7 of HLA staff. In special cases, HLA will contact parents to inform them of their child’s whereabouts.

Students have 3 main meals a day which is changed regularly and full of fruits and milk to ensure an adequate nutrition and appetite for students. Every other day, students will be given with extra snacks provided by the school on the menu or at the request of the students: pizza, burgers, smoothies, cakes, milk tea…


HLA’s Education is patterned by Cambridge Curriculum Framework which is flexible so you can shape it around how you want to learn. Subjects can be offered in any combination and adapted to suit your needs. For example, if a student needs to focus on listening and reading, we can adjust it accordingly. This is also applicable with other skills. We have based the curriculum on the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), used across the world to map learners’ progress in English.


Students will have 9 classes: 4 one-to-one classes, 3 group classes, 1 sports class and 1 music class. With an environment where English is spoken for over 6 hours a day, it helps students improve their English language usage at a faster rate, create reflexes and think in English.

In particular, Happy Learning Academy — HLA aims that learners will no longer be afraid to speak in English and will always be excited in the learning process.


Happy Learning Academy – HLA is a program of learning english and travel in Cebu. The beautiful island of Cebu will be a great place for children to have the opportunity to experience, learn and spend time with their friends, many beautiful friendships can start from HLA picnics.

Every Saturday, HLA students will depart to famous places in Cebu such as Jpark Resort, watch whale sharks in Oslob, Nalusuan Angel Island, visit Santo Nino Cathedral — one of the oldest Catholic in the Philippines… and many religious, cultural and tourist sites are waiting for HLA summer camp students to discover.


In addition to compulsory sports classes, after school, children can freely choose their favorite sports or activities: football, table tennis, swimming, basketball, zumba, badminton, cycling …
During the week, HLA organizes many activities such as welcome parties, birthday parties, outdoor BBQ parties, sports competitions etc.

room arrangement:

Students will be allocated rooms of the same sex and according to the same age, or 1-2 years gap, children from different regions or nationalities (depending on the time). It is also an opportunity to learn about cultural differences and make friends.

At first, children may feel strange because they start living in a new space and meet many new friends, but in the age of discovery and learning, they can adapt very quickly. Therefore, HLA hopes parents can be patient and trust their children, allowing them to learn and be independent.

FOOD — cuisine:

HLA values the importance of having 3 meals a day and prioritizes the needs of every student when it comes to having a healthy body and mind. This is the reason why the menus change regularly to meet the dietary requirements that everyone must get daily. From the variety of delicious main dishes to nutritious fruits and appetizing side dishes, HLA does its best to provide them all.


  • Scheduled room cleaning, change of bed sheets, and laundry service
  • H-Care staff on duty to support students at the dormitory 24/7
  • Nurse on duty is ready to offer medical assistance and conduct scheduled hygiene checks
  • Filipino staff in the school to guide and help children whenever they need assistance
  • Pick up and drop off students according to the school’s schedule with trusted staff in charge
  • Three main meals are served to students every day plus the scheduled evening snacks
  • Students can enjoy all the leisure facilities in the school together with their international friends after a day of class
  • Accompanied and guided major activities outside the campus every Saturday to discover the city and make more memories
  • Study with experienced teachers to help the students improve their English communication skills
  • Students can enjoy the variety of snacks and beverages that our H-Mart can offer


HLA’s summer camp program is designed for children ages 6-16. With a flexible schedule of 4-6-8 weeks, parents can choose the appropriate study time for their children.




  • T-Shirt Uniform ( Must wear while moving )
  • SSP ( Study Special Permit )
  • Books 
  • Meal (3 times a day + snacks)
  • Activities on the weekend 
  • Sending and Pick up by group at the airport
  • Entrance tickets for all places on the weekend
  • Water — Electricty expenses
  • Laundry espenses
  • Flight ticket 
  • Visa Extension (if more than 4 weeks)
  • Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG)
  • Immigration local espenses
  • International Insuarance 
  • Medical Fees (if has)
  • Pocket money
  • Penalty for any damaged while staying

After the family agrees to let the child participate in the winter study abroad program:

  1. Send your passport photo and course duration to the HLA Admissions Representative
  2. Receive an offer of admission and tuition notice from HLA
  3. HLA’s admissions representative guides and supports parents to perform guardianship authorization at the Philippine Consulate (For children under 15 years old who are not accompanied by parents).

Departure schedule is subject to change but will be communicated to parents in advance.

Source: Happy Learning Academy — HLA

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