This class is for non-native English medical students and medical professionals who seek to learn English in relation to their chosen careers where they learn terminologies needed in the medical field. Moreover, mastering the medical English vocabulary allows students to easily apply for scholarships to study medicine or be admitted to prominent medical institutions.


— An 8-week in-depth study of the course where medical students learn English utilized in the healthcare field.

— Non-native English aspiring medical students or medical professionals who seek to enrich their vocabulary in Medical English and confidently use the language in actual settings.

— Non-native English healthcare professionals and aspirants who strive to master the English language as part of communication and importance in their field of study.


  • HLA uses OET to assess the language proficiency of healthcare professionals in line with the Cambridge English Framework of Reference to map students’ learning and development that is timely and relative to their courses or profession.
  • OET is designed to meet the specific English language needs of the healthcare sector. It assesses the language proficiency of healthcare professionals who wish to practice in an English-speaking environment and HLA wishes to meet the specific, individual, and professional needs of the students. 
  • Classes are tailored to develop students’ skills in four macro-skills further hence, they are closely monitored in their classes for OET subtests in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

  • To know specific medical terms when writing reports in English. 
  • To demonstrate proficiency in English in the medical field.
  • To master an array of technical terminologies in healthcare that will help students attain greater achievement in their chosen careers. 
  • To comprehend healthcare seminars, workshops, and conferences that use English as a medium of communication. 
  • To interact confidently with fellow healthcare professionals in an international environment.

Class structure per day: 4 one to one classes, 4 group classes and 1 self-study class (Essay Writing/ Music Class)

Course Highlights:

A. Integrated Approach

  • Learning all the major skills with different teachers who are highly trained and have in-depth knowledge of the curriculum

B. Learner-centered

  • Classes are focused on developing students’ macro and micro skills plus the usage of English in a classroom setting
  • Teachers closely monitor students’ progress through feedback

C. Outcome Based Education

  • Focuses on students’ evaluation to monitor progress and feedback
  • Daily and weekly feedback from the teachers is done to inform students’ achievement and things that need improvements
  • Special recognition and awarding of certificates at the end of the course

D. Career-focused

  • Career English has its own language, structure, and conventions. It is part technical, part academic, and part every day. It has a wide variety of slang, acronyms, and colloquialisms that those outside the profession find incomprehensible. So classes are designed to allow students to have an immersive educational experience that incorporates English into their chosen career studies.
Course Requirement:

Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

Basic UserA1
Basic UserA2E0-90
Independent UserB1D100-190
Independent UserB2C200-290
Proficient UserC1C+300-340
Proficient UserC1+B350-440
Proficient UserC2A450-500

— Classes will be available for all students with an OET score of 100 on the Entrance Test. 

— Failure to reach an OET score of 100 is advised to study a General English Course or to have group classes together with General English Course students.


07:45-08:05Daily Vocabulary Test
08:10-09:001st class
09:05-09:552nd class
10:05-10:553rd class
11:00-11:504th class
13:00-13:505th class
13:55-14:456th class
14:50-15:407th class
15:45-16:358th class
16:40-17:309th class
Regular class schedule Monday — Friday
Course Design:

Note: 1:1 classes are flexible which means that students can have 2 career focus 1:1 classes or 2 speaking 1:1 classes. (applicable to any 1:1 subject)

Source: Happy Learning Academy — HLA

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