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Whether you work in the IT field at home or abroad, having an excellent English foundation will help you increase your learning opportunities, professional capabilities, and personal income. Technology is always evolving, prompting constant updates in order to keep up with the development rate of the times. With an English course for IT at HLA, you may invest in English to narrow the learning gap and enhance your own potential.

Programming is a global industry, hence, programming languages are written in English by foreigners and distributed globally. This explains why programmers require a particular level of English proficiency in order to effectively use programming tools. Professional literature is mainly published in English; by the time it will be translated and released officially, it will cause a certain delay in receiving the information. 

With the advancement of the IT industry, innovations are always updated; students with specific English abilities can actively study and learn quickly and efficiently to achieve the industry’s requirements.

When studying IT English at Happy Learning Academy:

  • Provide vocabulary of specialized terminology (programming, software engineering, computer hardware, networking, databases, testing, support, etc.) 
  • With basic to advanced communicative English, the course helps students practice using specialized vocabulary in practical communication and work.
Total time required1-24 weeks
Starting dateFirst Monday of the month
Entrance requirementFor working people
Schedule04 one-to-one classes & 04 group-classes
Những người học tập và công tác trong lĩnh vực IT cần phải có vốn ngoại ngữ tốt mới có thế tiếp cận được những tài liệu công nghệ tiên tiến trên thế giới.

Those people who study and work in the IT field need to have good language skills to be able to access advanced technology documents in the world.

Opening Schedule 2023 at Happy Learning Academy:

The course starts on the first monday of the month.

06-Mar-202303-Apr-202301 & 29-May-202305-June-202303 & 31-July-2023
07-Aug-202304-Sep-202302 & 30-Oct-202306-Nov-202304-Dec-2023

Source: Happy Learning Academy – HLA

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