One to one class

One to one class

Group class

Group class

With HLA Camp program, students will have 9 classes: 4 one-to-one classes, 3 group classes, 1 sports class and 1 music class.

With an environment where English is spoken for over 6 hours a day, it helps students improve their English language usage at a faster rate, create reflexes and think in English. In particular, Happy Learning Academy — HLA aims that learners will no longer be afraid to speak in English and will always be excited in the learning process.

Children’s evening schedule does not have a fix activity. They will be given different tasks such as writing diaries/ essays and practice English presentations on weekday evenings. The rest of the days will favor physical activities such as sports competitions and/or playing folk games.

Happy Learning Academy Camp is a program of learning English and travel in Cebu. Every Saturday, HLA students will depart to famous places in Cebu. During the weekdays, HLA organizes many activities such as welcome parties, birthday parties, sports competitions etc.

Danasan adventure activity

Outdoor activity

SM Cebu shopping

Shopping time

Source: Happy Learning Academy

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