Cebu — One of the most developed cities in the Philippines, the Cebu Metropolitan is the second largest metropolitan area in the country and one of the main centers of Commerce, Education and Industry in the Visayas.

Happy Learning Academy — HLA is located in Liloan, (16km away from the center of Cebu and 9km away from the airport)

Why did Happy Learning Academy choose the Philippines?

This magnificent country with thousands of islands was once a colony of the United States during American administration, and English was included in the educational curriculum. This language is now widely used throughout the country. Although not a native language, English has become the second language of the Philippines used at all educational levels. The Philippines is a country that offers one on one classes at an affordable price. The tuition fee includes food, accommodation, laundry and housekeeping. As a result, international students can fully concentrate on learning English. Furthermore, it is also a favourite tourist destination with much beautiful scenery, historic sites, sanctuaries and rock formations, friendly people and delicious cuisine. These are also the main reasons why this country has effectively taught English for students from many countries like Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Arab, and Mongolia.

With many years of experience working in a large English school in the Philippines and expertise in this field, HLA was established to create a new system of teaching and learn English that adheres to international and global standards while implementing changes that are more friendly to all students from around the world.


• Our campus is 11,800 square meters, surrounded by a large green space with trees and flowers. This is an ideal location for students to focus on their studies without being distracted by the dust and noise of the city. Also, it has a cool and pleasant atmosphere when HLA is less than 800m from the beach. Students can swim or take a walk on the beach after their classes.

•  School facilities include 01 standard basketball court, 02 swimming pools, outdoor sports equipment, a mini-golf practice area, an H-cafe, a convenience store, table tennis, a badminton court, and a jogging and cycling track. So, students can live comfortably and pleasantly when they stay inside our school campus.


• HLA believes in the Cambridge training program, recognized by the most prestigious academic institutions and a top-rated education system. Cambridge English can provide a straightforward and logical pathway for future HLA students.

• HLA uses the Cambridge curriculum in learning and teaching methods. In order to synchronize with the curriculum, our teachers are professionally trained by Cambridge. In addition, HLA teachers regularly participate in testing and evaluation according to Cambridge standards to maintain the quality of teaching.

Source: Happy Learning Academy — HLA

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