The summer camp program at HLA English School is usually held every summer from May to August with students from countries such as Vietnam, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Omani, and Russia.

Our mission at HLA Summer Camp is simple yet profound to create an environment where children aged 6 to 16 not only study English but also thrive, build friendships, and experience the joys of summer camp in a safe and supportive setting.

Studying English in the Philippines offers a unique and immersive experience in an English-speaking environment. With highly qualified teachers, a wide range of language programs, and a vibrant cultural setting, it is an ideal destination for language learners. Beyond the classroom, students can explore the rich history, diverse culture, and natural beauty of the Philippines. Whether for academic, professional, or personal growth, studying English in the Philippines promises a transformative and enjoyable journey.

Welcome to the HLA Summer Camp 2024 – a place where every child’s smile and achievement are our greatest reward.

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Welcome to the HLA Winter Camp 2024 – a place where every child’s smile and achievement are our greatest reward. The winter camp program at

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Регистрационный взнос: 100 долларов США A. Стоимость курсов: Виды курсов Структура обучения Стоимость обучения (USD/4 недели) Курс общего английского — LIGHT Курс общего английского, в


Happy Learning Academy Address: Cotcot, Liloan, Cebu City, Philippines Email: info@hla.asia Phone: +63 977 755 7559 | +63 32 429 1237 Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/HLA.asia.cebu

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