Cebu, the Philippines’ «Queen City of the South,» is the country’s second largest city after the capital, Manila. It is also one of the rare sites in the Philippines where ancient and new, untamed environments and urban cities coexist.

Why study English in Cebu, Philippines?

The resemblance of the Philippines to a miniature America is likewise not without merit. Americans left a large cultural and educational imprint on the country throughout the colonial period, hence English became the country’s second language. With the intention to utilize English as one of the methods for inviting worldwide friends to visit, the Philippines always welcomes international students from all nations, with simple processes and visa-free entry for foreign students within 30 days. Southeast Asian nations and many other nationalities, allowing the construction of English schools with a variety of courses ranging from beginner to advanced, providing adequate alternatives for everyone from youngsters to retirees. Along with other specific favorable policies, the Philippines has rapidly surpassed Singapore in terms of English study in Asia.

The Philippines features a short-term English learning program ranging from one week to one year, with quick procedures, low costs, pleasant people, a country with numerous islands, and many notable large festivals, making it ideal for study abroad trips combined with tourism.

Over the last two decades, the Philippines has drawn millions of students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Arabia, Mongolia, Russia, and Thailand to study ESL, IELTS, and ESL. TOEIC, TOEFL, BUSINESS, CAMP, TESOL with flexible study time at any time of year and a diversified learning curriculum ranging from 4 to 8 hours each day. Learners will develop their English language skills in 3 to 6 months, as compared to years of study in their own country.

Language development is influenced by the environment in which you live. Filipinos speak English, international friends speak English, and you are compelled to speak English.

Vietnam has opened its door, and in the near future, that door will be further opened; English will become an essential component for young people who wish to develop in their careers or go anywhere in the globe. Although we learn English from elementary school to university, our ability to speak remains limited in general. One of the most efficient methods to enhance your English is to «live in an environment where you can only converse in English.» However, not everyone is qualified to study in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, or Canada… because of the high cost and the application is not simple.

The Philippines has 146 cities and 7641 islands spread across the country. Why did Happy Learning Academy – HLA choose Cebu as a place to stop?

When people think of the Philippines, they think of typhoons, floods, earthquakes, or terrorism, which is real. However, it only happens in a few distant locations or at the bottom of the ocean hundreds of kilometers from Cebu, and Cebu is renowned as the Queen of the South not only because of the poetic beauty provided by nature, but also because it is one of the Philippines’ most calm and safe towns.

Happy Learning Academy — HLA chose Liloan as a stop after carefully examining all of the aforementioned aspects, with a total area of up to 11,800m2 but only taking less than 200 students at the same time. The facility is created with an open and well-ventilated environment to guarantee that all pupils may breathe in fresh air while looking out at the mountains beyond the sea. HLA is dedicated to constructing international grade sporting facilities such as swimming pools, basketball courts, and a variety of other amenities such as BBQ spaces, jogging areas, golf practice grounds, and tea places. … With the tagline «Happy,» Happy Learning Academy — HLA seeks to provide consumers with the finest possible experience throughout their time here, from service to food to academics.

From HLA to the center of Cebu City, students can travel by bus or taxi, if you move to places near the school such as SM City Consolacion, Gaisano, Food Park, you can choose a Jeepney — a vehicle of the people. Local people with prices ranging from 8 — 10,000 VND. In Cebu, there are many specialties you should enjoy such as Lechon (whole roast pork) with crispy skin that has become a favorite dish of many foreign tourists, mango float (mango cake), halo halo – a sweet and cool tea of ​​the indigenous people, in addition, there are many seafood dishes prepared according to the typical taste of Cebu region… Happy Learning Academy believes that these will be interesting experiences.

Source: Happy Learning Academy — HLA

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