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Happy Learning Academy (HLA) has been invested and developed since 2022 and we will officially welcome international students from March 2023. We believe that our school can bring high quality courses and services to our future students.

HLA Management team

Happy Learning Academy — HLA is the first English school in the Philippines that was built and developed by Vietnamese. Considering the fact that English is not the dominant language in Vietnam, many people find it difficult to learn this language in their home country, as there is no environment to practice.

HLA wishes to bring an effective English learning place which is suitable for students from non-native English speaking countries in general and especially from Vietnam. In addition, learning English in the Philippines is also a setting to practice a communal lifestyle, to be independent from family and have more social relationships with international friends all over the world. This is also a good foundation for students who plan to study abroad or immigrate to other foreign countries.

Source: Happy Learning Academy — HLA

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Регистрационный взнос: 100 долларов США A. Стоимость курсов: Виды курсов Структура обучения Стоимость обучения (USD/4 недели) Курс общего английского — LIGHT Курс общего английского, в


Happy Learning Academy Address: Cotcot, Liloan, Cebu City, Philippines Email: info@hla.asia Phone: +63 977 755 7559 | +63 32 429 1237 Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/HLA.asia.cebu

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